Discover the latest update for Blox Fruits! With Update 21, unleash the power of auto farming, conquer every race with Race V4, raid effortlessly with auto raiding, and complete quests seamlessly – all without the need for keys. Experience the ultimate adventure in the world of Blox Fruits like never before!


To use the provided Lua script with Roblox, follow these steps:

  1. Open Roblox Studio: Launch Roblox Studio on your computer.
  2. Create or Open a Game: Choose whether to create a new game or open an existing one where you want to use the script.
  3. Insert a Script: Within Roblox Studio, navigate to the area where you want the script to run. Right-click on the desired location in the Explorer panel or directly in the workspace, then select “Insert Object” and “Script.”.
  4. Edit the Script: Double-click on the newly inserted script to open the script editor. Delete any existing code in the script editor and paste the provided code:
  1. Save the Script: Save the changes you made to the Script by clicking “File” and then “Save” or by pressing Ctrl + S on your keyboard.
  2. Run the Game: Once the script is inserted and saved, you can run your game to see the script in action. You can either play the game locally within Roblox Studio or publish it to the Roblox platform for others to play.

Ensure that you review the script’s functionality and understand what it does before using it in your game. Additionally, always be cautious when using scripts from external sources, as they may pose security risks or violate Roblox’s terms of service.


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