7 Red And Black Crystals: Gemstones With Images

Stones with a black and red hue are some of the most picturesque works of our nature and in themselves they carry unique symbolism and properties.

These two distinct colors possess contrasting energies that can be used for the most varied purposes in the sphere of spirituality and healing through crystals.

When harmonized in a single crystal, there is a balance between passion and protection that promotes our well-being.

In view of this, whether you seek to be more intrepid, be more protected or have more balanced energies black and red crystals are a rich possibility to add to your journey of healing and spirituality.

Are there Black and Red crystals?

Red and Black Obsidian

Naturally black and red crystals are relatively rare but existing stones. As an example, we have Red and Black Obsidian, which I will tell you about later.

This peculiar combination of colors combines properties such as protection and grounding, typical of black crystals, added to the energies of red, which is a color, as we have already mentioned, linked to passion, vitality and courage.

Therefore, black and red crystals generally provide us with a powerful amalgam of protection and energetic qualities.

  • Red is a color associated with passion, crystals with this shade also tend to be associated with this aspect and also with vitality and courage.

Generally, these stones encourage our root Chakra, our sense of stability and our grounding.

These breathtaking wonders are also used to boost our energy levels, ignite our passion, whether professional or personal, and also to enhance our self-confidence.

  • In turn, black, in the field of crystals, is a preponderant symbol of protection.

For this reason crystals with this shade absorb and transmute negative energies, which makes them ideal allies to use against psychic attacks, electromagnetic radiation and negativity. These crystals also offer us grounding and security.

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7 Red and Black crystals with images and properties

7 Red and Black crystals with images and properties

So let’s get to know each of these 7 rarities that I brought you today.

Each of these crystals have their own characteristics and energies that make them valuable instruments in the various aspects of healing, spirituality and personal growth.

Therefore, depending on your needs and intentions, you may feel free to explore and work with these stones to specifically activate and benefit from its properties.

1) Hematite Jasper

Hematite Jasper

Hematite Jasper, also known as Jasper Taconite, is a deep, black variation of chalcedony with vigorous red splashes.

It is believed that this crystal elevates our courage and vitality, thus promoting balance and grounding.

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2) Red Rhodonite

Red Rhodonite

Red Rhodonite is a stunning crystal that combines various shades of pink and red with the color black.

It is famous for its ability to balance our emotions, for nurturing love and compassion and for encouraging our Anahata, the Heart Chakra.

This stone is commonly used to heal emotional wounds and promote self-love.

3) Proustite


Proustite is a mineral that is found in crystals that range from red to a deeper red or even black.

It is known for its intense energy and is linked to spiritual growth and transformation.

It is said, among crystal enthusiasts, that Proustite helps us overcome and cross not only challenges but also obstacles in life.

4) Red and Black Dolomite

Red and Black Dolomite

Dolomite crystals come in the most varied range of colors and therefore, when this stone combines black with red, it creates a unique and captivating appearance for anyone.

Red and Black Dolomite is very famous for its calm energies and for also, like others we know here, balancing our emotions.

5) Eudialyte


Eudialyte is a very intriguing and labyrinthine crystal that combines shades of red and black.

It is considered a crystal of strong, lifelong energy and emotional healing. This stone helps us accept ourselves and allows us to love life more.

6) Red and Black Obsidian

Red and Black Obsidian

As was partially and previously mentioned, Red and Black Obsidian is actually a volcanic glass.

It combines the protective qualities of our much-loved and legitimate black obsidian with the energetic properties of the passionate tone that is red.

In view of this, this stone is used for protection, grounding and vitality.

7) Zircon


Like so many other crystals that we have been discussing here today, Zircon stones also come in a variable range of colors, sometimes red and black.

The uniquely red Zircon is associated with passion and energy, while the black Zircon is admired for having grounding and protective qualities. When Mother Nature fuses these two variations, we get a brilliant gemstone.

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Are Black and Red crystals dangerous?

garnet on rock

For the overwhelming majority, most of the crystals listed above are generally considered safe when used with intention and safety.

There are some points to take into consideration:

For example, in the case of Proustite, it contains the element arsenic which can be toxic when ingested or inhaled as a powder. For this same reason and of course, it is important to be careful when using Proustite and avoid contact with our mouth or face during use and even afterwards.

In the case of Red and Black Obsidian, while it is considered safe, it is nevertheless crucial to be especially careful when using it to practice crystal healing. Why? Well, because its energies are extremely powerful and some people may find the experience with this stone too intense and heavy.

Finishing with Zircon, which is also a typically safe crystal, but with some existing varieties that are radioactive and consequently emit low levels of radiation. Obviously, these variations are not commonly found in jewelry or stone collections, but it is best to play it safe and always buy our crystals from a safe source.

In short, after using certain crystals, follow some basic hygiene. The ideal would therefore be to wash your hands after using it.

If you have any allergies or health conditions that worry you when it comes to obtaining a certain crystal, speak to a professional or expert in the sphere.

Finally, if you have animals or children, keep your crystals out of the reach of these enlightened beings.

What is the best Red and Black crystal?


The answer to this question is mainly a personal preference that should be based on our intentions and needs.

As I have reiterated, each of these crystals are wonderful and unique. So consider your goals carefully and see with which crystal they align with best.

However, if we intend to make daily use of the crystal, here are my top 3 recommendations for daily use:


Red Rhodonite

I would say that Red Rhodonite is excellent. Particularly for those who seek to promote emotional balance, self-love and compassion. As it manages to keep our heart centered and our well-nourished attitude in everyday life.


Red And Black Obsidian

Red and Black Obsidian is also a perfect and powerful option for those looking for daily protection and grounding, as it shields us from the negativity that may surround us and keeps us grounded in the present moment.



Finally, Zircon is great for daily use because, in addition to being a beautiful piece, it is an uplifting gemstone that boosts our energy and passion while providing grounding and protection.

Should I avoid any of these crystals?

ruby gem

Picking up here on everything we have already discussed a little, not wanting to be repetitive, once again everything is a matter of personal preference.

However, in my opinion, and for the reasons already highlighted, perhaps it is worthwhile for some people to avoid using of the Red and Black Obsidian and generally avoiding the use of Proustite for safety reasons.

For the rest, you should take into account health issues such as sensitivities, allergies or skin reactions and your animals or children, as I have already told you here.

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Final words

Red and balck crystals provide and pamper us with an immense collection of energies and properties that support our spirituality, growth and healing.

For this reason, choosing a stone is a decision that is naturally influenced by our interests, beliefs and intentions.

When we are enchanted by the world of crystals, the important thing is to face them with an open mind and heart and respect their benefits and power. Do your research on crystals and consult professionals if necessary.

Finally, remember that crystals are only complementary tools and do not replace psychological or medical treatments.