BLADE BALL (BEDOL) – Spooky Season Special 🎃

Dive into the latest update of Blade Ball Script Pastebin 2024, featuring Halloween-themed enhancements such as auto parry, ball tracking, and freeze ball, ensuring a 99% win rate. Elevate your gaming experience with these powerful script updates.


To use this script, follow these steps:

  1. Copy the provided code snippet.
  2. Open Roblox and navigate to the game where you want to use the script.
  3. Once in the game, open the scripting interface. This is usually done by pressing the “Esc” key and selecting “Edit” or “Scripting”.
  4. Paste the copied code into the scripting interface.
  5. Press the “Enter” key or click on the “Run” button to execute the script.
  6. The script should now be active in the game, providing the intended functionality.