Discover the latest BLOX FRUITS script on Pastebin for 2024! Unlock features like auto farming, auto Leviathan, Sea Event assistance, and gun mastery—all without the need for a key! 🍍🔫 Enjoy enhanced gameplay and maximize your gaming experience in BLOX FRUITS!


Here’s how you can use the provided script in Grayx and play in Roblox:

  1. Copy the given script.
  2. Open Roblox Studio and navigate to the game where you want to use the script.
  3. Insert a Script object into the Workspace or a suitable location in your game.
  4. Paste the copied script into the Script object.
  5. Ensure that the game is running and that Grayx is enabled.
  6. Run the script in Roblox Studio or in-game.
  7. The script should execute and apply its functionality within the game, as intended by the creator.
  8. Test the script thoroughly to ensure it functions correctly and enhances your gaming experience in Grayx.