[🎁 Gesture] PET SIMULATOR 99 (IDIOT)

Explore the Pet Simulator 99 Script for 2024 on Pastebin, featuring auto farming, egg hatching, automatic obstacle course navigation, digging, fishing, and more. Elevate your gameplay to the next level with this comprehensive script.


To use this script in Roblox, follow these steps:

  1. Open Roblox Studio and navigate to the game where you want to use the script.
  2. Insert a script object into your game. You can do this by right-clicking on the desired location in the Explorer panel or directly in the workspace, selecting “Insert Object,” and then choosing “Script.”
  3. Double-click the Script object to open the script editor.
  4. Copy the provided script URL:
  5. Paste the copied script URL into the script editor in Roblox Studio.
  6. Save the script by clicking “File” and then “Save” or pressing Ctrl + S.
  7. Run the game to execute the script. You can do this by clicking the “Play” button in Roblox Studio.

Ensure that you understand the functionality of the script and trust the source before using it in your game. Additionally, be cautious when executing scripts from external sources to avoid potential security risks.


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