11 Green And White Crystals: Names, Images And Properties

Green and white crystals are masters of two enchanting facets of the world of minerals.

In the crystal sphere, a crystal with a white hue is generally seen as a badge of purity and clarity that conjures simplicity and calm.

Crystals with this hue are also famous and adored for their ability to cleanse energy and promote spiritual awakening.

On the other hand, crystals that have a green hue and crystals with green details are naturally emblems of nature, abundance and renewal.

Therefore, stones with this colorful characteristic are mostly linked to healing, growth, prosperity and are a hymn of the vitality of the natural world.

As you can imagine, when we marry these two characteristics and consign them to certain crystals, this marriage results in a unique variety of properties that carry with them a heavy cultural symbolism and countless ways to enrich our lives.

So, join me on this journey of amalgams and brilliance where we will learn more about green and white crystals and more about their properties.

11 Green and white crystals: Names, images and properties

Green Aventurine
Green Aventurine

Therefore, after my invitation, welcome to this immeasurable world of captivating stones, each of which has a unique and unmistakable beauty and essential metaphysical properties.

From the elegance of Tree Agate to the captivating magnetism of Green Zebra Jasper, these are the stones that, throughout our privileged existence, have captivated us.

Therefore, stay with me to discover these green and white treasures, to explore their origins, symbolism and the most varied ways they enhance our lives.

1) Tree Agate

Tree Agate not

This wonder is highly recognized for planting patience and endurance in its users and this is mainly due to the fact that Tree Agate promotes inner peace and emotional balance.

It is a bridge between those who use it and nature.

This crystal also boosts individuals’ immune systems and balances the water in their bodies.

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2) Green Zebra Jasper

Green Zebra Jasper

Green Zebra Jasper is a crystal that provides us with grounding energy while simultaneously being associated with willpower and determination.

For this same reason, it is believed to bring us a sense of balance and tranquility.

This stone therefore helps us through the emotional support it provides us, the self-control it strengthens and the strength it offers to our physical energy levels.

3) Chlorite


A true gift that enhances our immune system and helps us release negative energies, Chlorite is naturally associated with healing and detoxification.

This stone is mainly used to purify the chakras and the aura so that we can achieve well-being.

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4) Green Aventurine

Green Aventurine

Know as the stone of prosperity and preservation and for helping us with vitality and physical healing.

Green Aventurine is also a stone of luck and opportunity that, in addition to prosperity, is also said to attract abundance.

At the same time, this natural jewel is also used to heal the Anahata, which is the Heart Chakra.

5) Jade


It is said that, physically, Jade helps us balance the fluids in our bodies and that it filters, by removing toxins, some organs including the kidneys and adrenal glands.

Spiritually, this stone symbolizes wisdom, harmony and longevity. For those who use and cherish it, it is seen as a shield and lucky charm.

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6) Moss Agate

Moss Agate

Moss Agate is mainly used for healing and emotional balance, as these stones combine the calming properties of white with the rejuvenating energies of green.

This stone awakens our empathy, love and Anahata healing.

7) Green Calcite

Green Calcite

Used as a complementary tool to cure respiratory problems such as asthma and heart problems such as high blood pressure.

Green Calcite is sought after above all for its calming and comforting properties that promote relaxation and relieve anxiety and stress.

8) Chrysoprase


Known for its ability to convert negative emotions into positive emotions. But, this crystal can also heal a broken heart or even a relationship.

This is because this beauty is naturally associated with love, compassion and growth, therefore encouraging us to make positive changes.

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9) Axinite


Axinite is an instrument that allows us to expand our relationship with the divine so that we become more receptive to spiritual energies.

It is a grounding stone that offers us insight and sharpens our intuition. This stone also promotes balance and clarity.

10) Green Moonstone

The Green Moonstone is a stone that also houses Anahata and is therefore associated with emotional healing and intuition.

By promoting empathy, our connection with feminine energy and personal growth, this stone helps us heal certain conflicts with friends or family and allows us to create new friendships and relationships.

This crystal is also valued for its serene and influential energy.

11) Chrysotile


Chrysotile is an extremely powerful stone capable of protecting us from physical attacks, snake bites and poisoning.

It is undoubtedly a stone of protection and transformation.

For this reason, it is believed to help us with personal growth, change, resilience and increased self-confidence.

In addition to all this, I could not fail to mention that this crystal is also an energetic shield and protects us from negative energies.

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Are Green and White crystals really powerful?

Tree Agate (não

Viewing the power of a stone depends immensely on our beliefs and experiences as we all value these little treasures for their unique properties.

However, when we want to calculate this aspect, we must take into account some topics.

How to choose your crystal

Here are some things you should keep in mind:

As I have already mentioned, our beliefs. In other words, when we believe in a crystal and define our intentions well, there is a great possibility that they will prove to be more effective.

We must also take into account the placebo effect, since most of the time people simply attribute all the positive points in their lives to crystals. And also the personal connection we have with the crystals in question.

Finally, obviously if we use crystals in complementary practices such as yoga, reiki or meditation, their power will be enhanced and our relationship with the crystal will expand.

In short, any of these crystals, in the right hand and in the right circumstances, will be quite powerful.

What is the best Green and White crystal to wear everyday?

dark ring mood ring

We have come to see that choosing a crystal or crystals is a topic and a personal preference that should be made taking into account our connection with the crystal and its energy and our needs and intentions.

Some people choose a range of crystals that they use on a rotating basis depending on their daily mood, some stick to just one crystal.

But deep down, the secret to using any crystal we want is to have well-defined intentions and work regularly with it so that we can benefit from it.

Therefore, except for Chrysotile, which is a stone that is somewhat harmful to humans, causing cancer and other diseases, any of the stones above are great for daily use.

Can I use any of these crystals?

Green Aventurine Bracelet

Once again, with the exception of Chrysotile, which cannot be used safely and responsibly for the reasons mentioned above, any stone mentioned above can be used regularly.

That is, always aligning the properties of the stones with your intentions and the goals you have in mind. The ideal is to choose a crystal that resonates with your needs and goals.

It is equally important to do good practice with crystals and cleanse and charge them properly so that their energies remain fresh and aligned.

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Final Words

In conclusion, crystals are a colossal world of options, each with powerful benefits and benefits.

While we are talking about versatile crystals like Green Moonstone, Green Aventurine, Tree Agate and Jade, which have a diverse collection of purposes, the perfect crystal for everyday use depends on how we treat the respective crystal.

Choosing a stone that resonates with our goals, whether promoting inner peace, prosperity or emotional balance, naturally enhances our experience on this crystal journey.

As working with these stones is a personal journey whose connection we build is a crucial factor for its good performance.

Finishing, cleansing and charging crystals regularly is essential to ensure their energies stay aligned with our intentions.

Therefore, whether we end up with one or several crystals, the secret is to work with the stones with an open mind and heart and treat these little gifts from Mother Nature with care.

As their performance is a mirror of the care we take with them and the latter, in turn, influences the power of the crystal and the projection of the crystal’s energy in everything.