9 Blue Mood Ring Meaning: Light and Dark Blue

Blue is an interesting color on a mood ring. On some mood rings, it can represent two different colors depending on how light or dark the surrounding area is.

When dark colors surround the entire mood ring, that would be considered shady blue, and when light colors surround the entire mood ring, that would be regarded as a delicate blue.

If any part of the mood ring has light colors and any other factor has dark colors, it will show as a mix of both.

Many people do not know their moods, so they don’t know if they are feeling blue because they are depressed, angry, stressed out, or just feeling down.

But to figure out which one you feel like, at the moment, you need to think about what kind of thoughts are going through your head.

What Does Blue Mean on A Mood Ring? 

Blue Mood Ring

Different colors on a mood ring represent and mean different things based on your temperature when wearing the ring that is reflected through changes in different liquid crystals.

Different colors represent different moods.

Blue typically means that the wearer is usually associated with a calm and relaxed state.

In a mood ring when around a person or place blue is usually one of the best colors to experience as it signifies comfort, peace, relaxation and trust.

Here are a few more things the color blue could mean on a mood ring including feelings and signs of:

Creativity and inspiration.

Spiritual connection and awareness.

Deep contentment and satisfaction.

Being at peace with yourself, in your own or someone or something else’s presence and or in a space.

If you are looking for positive signs from your mood ring then blue is one of them, take its presence (light or dark) as a good sign, as it signifies the best feelings.

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Blue mood ring spiritual meaning

Spiritually, a blue mood ring is can mean many positive things.

Spiritual Connection And Awareness

Blue is usually associated with the third eye chakra, which is often associated with one’s intuitive abilities, clairvoyance and spiritual insight. It could be a sign that you are becoming more aware of your spiritual side and or the spiritual presence and connections in your life.

Inner Peace And Tranquility

A blue mood ring could be an indication of how you are feeling peaceful and tranquil in the moment. Whether this means that you are at peace with yourself, with the environment around you or with your feelings, that is for you to pay attention to and figure out.

Emotional Balance and Harmony

As far as emotions go, it can be an indication that you need to take note of your emotions and feelings. It could be that you are feeling balanced, centered, healed or even highlight the kind of emotions you are in need of in the moment such as understanding, contentment and joy.

Blue is often associated with water, which is often seen as a symbol of cleansing and purification or even the sky which represents freedom and hope. This could be a sign that you are ready to heal emotional and physical wounds.

Draw inspiration from your blue mood ring and feel inspired to be creative and express yourself artistically or creatively for a positive release and outlet.

Light blue mood ring meaning

Light blue mood ring

At this moment, because you are feeling so calm and relaxed, this is a great time for you to focus on your inner self, reflect and uncover and resolve any past trauma, feelings or emotions.

This is the time when you are at your most at peace in order to be able to deal with and understand the emotions you haven’t faced and are avoiding.

Light blue is often associated with the sky and the ocean, which are both symbols of tranquility and vastness.

Release any emotions that have been holding you back;

Take the time to meditate, journal, spend time in nature or practice healthy healing practices;

Embrace and embark on a spiritual journey towards healing and enlightenment;

Light blue is associated with the sky and the ocean and therefore is a symbol of eternity, hope tranquility and vastness.

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Dark blue mood ring meaning

Dark blue mood ring

A dark blue mood ring typically means that the wearer of the ring is experiencing deep relaxation, peace, and tranquility.

It can also represent feeling content, satisfied, and feeling harmonious inside.

Dark blue is often associated with the night sky and the deep ocean, which are both symbols of mystery, deep emotions and vastness.

Acknowledge and accept your feelings in this moment;

Feel and express your emotions;

It could also represent being overcome by deep emotions, such as: loss, remorse, guilt or regret;

Embrace the calm and tranquil feel of the space;

Take the time to truly connect with yourself, as well as the people around you as you may be feeling disconnected and in need of a connection;

It is also a very spiritual color, that represents intuition and inner work.

9 Meanings of a Blue Mood Ring

9 Meanings of a Blue Mood Ring

Here are a few things a blue mood ring could represent and or be tied to:

1) Trust and Safety

This could signify trust and mean that you feel comfortable and secure in your surroundings, within yourself or with the person or presence you are with.

You could be experiencing a strong sense of trust.

Be confident in your own abilities and judgment in this moment and embrace the feelings of stability and sense of security you are currently enjoying.

2) Wisdom

Blue is a color most associated with wisdom and knowledge.

A blue mood ring could be a sign that you are feeling wise and insightful.

You must embrace this in order to take the time to reflect and look for greater understanding and clearer insights.

It could also mean that you are open to learning new things and expanding your knowledge.

3) Peace and Tranquility

Blue is a very calming and soothing color, a blue mood ring is a wonderful indication of peace, tranquility and serenity within you and around you.

If you have been feeling extremely stressed or anxious this color showing up is a great indication that you are feeling calmer and must try to remain in this space.

4) Deep Emotions

It can be an indication that you are experiencing and or struggling with or about to go through a few deep emotions that you must brace yourself for.

These may include conflict, love, grief, sorrow.

It may also indicate the fact that you are experiencing a strong emotional response to someone or something.

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5) Happiness and Joy 

Different shades of blue can mean that you are happy and filled with joy.

A light blue mood ring may suggest that the wearer is feeling light-hearted, optimistic, and content in your current situation.

Take a minute to appreciate and enjoy the moment as well as recognize the things that bring you joy.

6) Connection and Belonging

A blue mood ring could symbolize having or feeling a sense of belonging, connection or comfortability.

If you notice the change, take the opportunity to socialize, connect with the people around you, as well as your surroundings.

Live in the moment and foster the relationship and sense of belonging you feel to the person, people, space or emotions.

7) Balance and Harmony

As a color that is closely associated with harmony and balance, a blue mood ring is a powerful sign that you are feeling balanced internally and externally.

You are in a place to balance and ground yourself. Now would be the time to focus on creating balance and harmony in all the spheres of your life — relationships and work.

8) Spirituality

The color blue is an extremely spiritual one with powerful associations. Blue is tied to symbols such as water, the sky and the heavens.

It is often associated with consciousness, enlightenment and divine connections.

In this moment, be open to experiencing and exploring spiritual connections and ideas. Engage in all of your favorite spiritual practices.

9) Creativity and Expression

The color blue can be associated with creativity and creative expression. A blue mood ring may be a sign that you need to get creative.

Be imaginative and explore artistic paths, expression and projects. Be open to drawing inspiration from the stimuli around you and express yourself freely and authentically.

Is Blue A Positive Color On a Mood Ring?

blue and silver ring mood

Even though it can be associated with feelings of sorrow and sadness, the color blue on a mood ring can also be a positive sign for you.

It’s about your ability to overcome and find comfort and solace in trying times.

It is a wonderful reminder of your ability to reconnect with and connect to yourself, your inner feelings as well as the space, people and elements around you.

Blue in a mood ring is all about finding the balance and inspiration within yourself and your lifestyle to encourage personal growth, healing and ultimately happiness.

In this way it is a wonderfully positive, inspiring color that will encourage self-awareness, harmony, deeper connections, discoveries and ‘self’ work.

Take it as a good sign and opportunity to get to know yourself as well as what you like and enjoy.

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 Final Words

You can take a Blue Mood Ring as a positive sign. It usually represents feelings of peace, tranquility, contentment, and balance and can also be associated with this thing such as spirituality, creativity, and emotional healing.

If you are wearing a mood ring and it turns blue, take it as a reminder to cherish the positive moments in your life and live in the moment.

Focus on seeking and maintaining inner peace and a better well-being. Be open to new experiences and opportunities, and trust in your intuition.