How To Cleanse And Charge Black Tourmaline? 11 Ways 

Each crystal carries its own unique energy and properties. As, just like our energies, crystals also need to be cleansed and charged regularly, Blox fruit script no key.

Otherwise, they won’t be able to work properly and bring its benefits into your life.

Some crystals can be cleansed with water, others with the moonlight. And, if not done properly, you can damage your crystal.

In order to help you, we created a guide on 11 ways to cleanse and charge Black Tourmaline. This way, you’ll be sure you’re doing it safely.

How to cleanse Black Tourmaline? 7 Safe ways 

How To Cleanse And Charge Black Tourmaline? 11 Ways 
How To Cleanse And Charge Black Tourmaline? 11 Ways 

Cleansing crystals is the act and process of removing negative energies and returning the healing energies to your crystal.

Finding the right and safe ways to cleanse your crystals is important because, as they absorb negative energy from your energy, thoughts and surroundings they become less focused and more ineffective.

Black Tourmaline in particular is a powerful crystal that will require accurate and effective cleansing and below are 7 safe ways for you to do so:

1) Intention/Meditation

In a quiet space, hold your Black Tourmaline crystal in your hands.

Think about what kind of energy you would like to put into your crystal, as well as visualize positive energy flowing into your crystal.

Focus on the positive intention you have for yourself and what properties you would like to highlight and get from your crystal.

Tourmaline is highly protective, so visualize it clearing away and absorbing any negative energy from within and around you.

While doing so, focus on your breath and feel the air and energy lifting around you.

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2) Water

Water is a powerful symbol of purity, rebirth and renewal. Rinse your Black Tourmaline under or in a cool, flowing, running, body of water for a few minutes.

The water will help wash away and cleanse the Tourmaline of any and all negative energy that it has absorbed.

You do not need to use anything more than simple, cold, running water (no detergents, etc…), try and avoid leaving your crystal in the water for long periods of time — this may damage it too.

3) Earth

Bury your Black Tourmaline crystal in the ground, and return it to the earth.

By leaving it in the ground for no less than 24 hours, you are allowing the crystal to return to its natural, neutral state and be cleansed of all external influences that have affected it since.

The earth’s natural energy will help to cleanse, neutralize, and amplify its protective properties, making it a powerful tool for shielding yourself from negative energy.

4) Smudging/Incense

This is a powerful way to cleanse crystals because the smoke from these rituals is believed to carry out and cleanse negative energy.

Herbs like White Sage or Palo Santo are perfect in this case as they are known to have purifying properties.

When you burn these herbs, and pass your Black Tourmaline crystal through the smoke or allow the smoke to move around and cover the crystal.

As it moves passed it, it absorbs, clears and carries any negative energy that the crystal is holding onto away.

Leave a window open to allow the energy to clear away.

5) Sound Vibrations

Playing Tibetan bowls, bells, chimes and healing frequencies near, or around your Black Tourmaline crystal is a beautiful, uplifting way of cleansing your crystal.

These types of sound vibrations with reenergize, radiate and reintroduce the healing qualities of your Black Tourmaline back into it.

They will also help clear out any energy blockages or build-ups by resonating sound through the crystal.

Interestingly, you can also use the powerful vibrations of your own voice to cleanse the crystal and renew its energy.

6) Other Crystals

All crystals have unique and powerful healing properties, some crystals have the ability to cleanse other crystals because they are believed to have purifying properties.

Selenite is one such crystal. It is said to be able to absorb negative energy and vibrations, and to clear away any blockages.

Place your Black Tourmaline on or next to one of these crystals in order to cleanse it.

Geodes and Clusters also have the ability to cleanse other crystals with their powerful energy chamber.

7) Moonlight

The moon has powerful rejuvenating, uplifting and cleansing energies.

The full moon in particular is a time filled with high energies, emotional and spiritual release as well as powerful, spiritual enlightenment.

Take your Black Tourmaline and leave it under the full moon overnight.

By doing this you are introducing the energy of the moon to the energy of the crystal and allowing it to flow and move through it.

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How to charge Black Tourmaline? 4 Easy ways 

Black tourmaline

Charging crystals is the process of replenishing and reintroducing a crystal’s energy.

This is important because crystals have unique healing properties that need to be kept energized and charged in order to best work and connect with you.

As one of the more powerful crystal it’s important that you know how to charge your Black Tourmaline crystal:

1) Sunlight

The sun’s energy is known to break down negative vibrations and energy. To recharge your Black Tourmaline, leave it out in the sunlight for short periods of time.

The sun’s beautiful, refreshing energy will help restore and recharge the crystal to its natural, powerful state.

Although it won’t fade, leaving it out in the sun for long periods of time will cause damage to Black Tourmalines structure, so be careful not to leave it out for too long.

2) Crystal Grids

A crystal grid is an intentional way of arranging crystals into geometric shapes and patterns that are used to amplify their energy.

When you place a Black Tourmaline crystal in a crystal grid, the energy of the other crystals (that you carefully choose) can help to charge and cleanse the Black Tourmaline crystal.

The idea here is that you are creating a powerful flow of energy and energetic field.

Place your Black Tourmaline in the center to channel and charge energy through it using the other crystals.

3) Moonlight

With its incredible ability to cleanse crystals, the moon has the power to charge and recharge crystals. It removes any built-up energy that isn’t allowing the crystal to return to its natural healing state.

To charge a Black Tourmaline crystal under the full moon, simply place it outside or near an open window where it will be exposed to the moonlight for several hours.

Make sure you are looking up the Lunar energy, as well as the cycle and energy of the moon at the time, to know about the energy you are introducing into the crystal and using to recharge it.

4) Reiki/Intention

Whether you are holding it in your hands or placing your hands over the crystal, channel the life force energy of reiki to introduce clear intentions for your Black Tourmaline to charge, boost and energize your crystal.

You can also say a mantra or affirmation to help you focus your intention, such as:

“My Black Tourmaline is now cleansed and charged with protective energy.”

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 Why Should I Cleanse and Charge My Black Tourmaline? 

Real Black tourmaline

Cleansing and charging crystals allows you to purify and revitalize them while removing old, negative, stagnant energy from within them.

Black Tourmaline is a powerful crystal known for its protective abilities physically, emotionally and even psychically.

When you have one or place it on or around you, it instantly begins transmuting and absorbing the negative energy for you. It is important to cleanse and charge this crystal regularly so it can work as effectively as possible.

Cleansing it will eliminate the accumulated negative energy and introduce new, positive energy into its aura, allowing it to maintain and refocus its healing properties and abilities.

Charging it is just as important, as it revives the crystal’s energy, ensuring its continued ability to purify spaces.

Below are some more benefits of cleansing and charging Black Tourmaline:


Improved Energy Flow

As a powerful crystal that carries light and grounds negative energy, by cleansing and charging it you are restoring its original properties.


Greater Protection

It is a powerful protective crystal. When it is cleansed and charged, it can help to protect you from negative energy, intentions, EMF radiation, stress, and anxiety.


Enhanced Healing Properties

Black tourmaline is also a powerful healing crystal. It can help to purify toxins and waste in the body, relieve pain, and promote overall health and well-being through cleansing.

 How often should I cleanse and charge Black Tourmaline?

Black Tourmaline

It is recommended that you cleanse and charge Black Tourmaline regularly.

Personally, I believe that you should cleanse and charge this crystal as often as you can because it absorbs so much energy.

Ideally, you should charge your Black Tourmaline every few weeks, per client or use (if you are someone who works with energy and healing and cleansing) so as not to transfer the crystal between clients.

Here are a few signs as to when and why you should cleanse and charge your Black Tourmaline:

You genuinely and intuitively believe it is holding too much negative energy and is beginning to feel heavy (spiritually).

You feel drained in its presence, instead of safe and comforted.

You feel anxious or stressed in its presence/ when you wear it.

You are feeling ungrounded when wearing it.

It just generally isn’t working the way you need it to.

Remember, it’s important that you charge and cleanse your crystals as you see fit.

Find your own routines and practices that best benefit your goals, manifestations, everyday life and crystal intentions.

The relationship between you and your crystal is one that only you can figure out through patience and testing out different techniques that are safe for your crystal.

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Can I Use Selenite To Cleanse Black Tourmaline? 

working with black tourmaline

Yes! Selenite is a great high vibrational stone used for cleansing and purifying other crystals.

As a powerful, natural crystal it is known for cleansing the auric field of people and objects quickly and efficiently.

It is believed that placing a crystal on or in Selenite for a few hours (beginning with 24) and allows it to take any negative energy sitting within the Black Tourmaline crystal and transmute it into positive, light, uplifting energy.

Many believe that the more often you use Selenite to cleanse crystals the faster they are cleansed.

By using Selenite instead of any other kind of cleansing tool, you will have a gentle and non-invasive way to refresh Black Tourmalines energies that will be more convenient for you once you own Selenite crystal (which you will not regret!)

Interestingly, Selenite and Black Tourmaline as a combination will form a powerful protective shield around its user.

It will also allow you to clear and remove any negative radiation, thoughts and emotions that are harming you and or holding you back.

Final Words

By following the tips and suggestions in this article you should find your personal preference, as well as be inspired to cleanse and charge your Black Tourmaline regularly.

So that it can protect you, uplift you and heal you in the ways that you require and need.