How To Get Celestial in Shindo Life: A Comprehensive Guide

In Shindo Life, players vie for the Celestial race, attainable by defeating the Kagoku boss or spending RELL coins for a chance to earn it. With 1/5 rarity, this race offers significant buffs. Kagoku's Clan Bloodline, even rarer at 1/300, provides additional abilities. Earning RELL coins through various game modes is key for transactions and acquisitions, letting players unlock these powers through combat or strategic spending. The Celestial race promises to elevate gameplay for those who persevere.
How To Get Celestial in Shindo Life: A Comprehensive Guide

In the captivating world of Shindo Life, players are constantly seeking new challenges, rare abilities, and powerful races to enhance their gameplay experience. Among the myriad of races available, the celestial race stands out as a coveted choice, offering formidable buffs and unique advantages to those who manage to harness its power. In this detailed guide, we delve deep into the methods and intricacies of obtaining the Celestial Race, exploring every avenue and strategy available to aspiring adventurers.

Discovering the Celestial Race:

At the heart of the quest for the Celestial race lies the enigmatic Kagoku boss, a formidable adversary lurking within the confines of the Kagoku Event. Defeating Kagoku is the primary method to obtain the Celestial race’s DNA strand, which serves as the key to unlocking its powers. This elusive race, boasting a rarity of 1/5, offers a diverse array of general buffs that can significantly augment a player’s capabilities.

Methods of Acquisition:

  1. Confrontation with Kagoku: Engage in a thrilling battle against the Kagoku boss during the Kagoku Event. Victory may grant you the coveted DNA drop of the Celestial race, propelling you one step closer to mastering its celestial abilities.
  2. Investment of RELL Coins: For those seeking a more direct route to acquiring the Celestial race, an alternative method exists. By spending 20,000 RELL coins, players can secure a 1/10 chance of obtaining the Celestial race, bypassing the rigors of battle in favor of a calculated gamble.

Unveiling Kagoku’s Clan Bloodline:

In addition to the Celestial race, the Kagoku boss holds another tantalizing prize โ€“ Kagoku’s Clan Bloodline. With a rarity of 1/300, this elusive bloodline offers its own unique set of abilities, further enriching the player’s arsenal of powers. Furthermore, there exists a 1/20 chance of obtaining Kagoku’s Clan Bloodline after emerging victorious in battle against the Kagoku boss, providing players with an additional avenue to explore in their pursuit of mastery.

Earning RELL Coins:

As the lifeblood of the in-game economy, RELL coins play a pivotal role in facilitating various transactions and acquisitions within Shindo Life. Players can amass RELL coins through a multitude of channels, including redeeming codes and participating in diverse game modes such as Shindo-Storm, Arena X, Conquest, Dungeon, and Arena X Competitive. The amount of RELL coins earned is directly correlated to the damage inflicted by the player, incentivizing strategic gameplay and active participation.


In conclusion, the journey to unlock the celestial race in Shindo life is rife with challenges, opportunities, and rewards waiting to be discovered. Whether through epic battles against the formidable Kagoku boss or strategic investments of RELL coins, players can chart their own path towards harnessing the celestial powers bestowed upon them. With perseverance, determination, and a dash of luck, the celestial race will soon be within reach, heralding a new era of adventure and triumph in the boundless world of Shindo life. Embark on this exhilarating quest today and unlock the secrets of the celestial race that await you!

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